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About The University of Iowa

The University of Iowa is one of the nation’s premier public research universities, dedicated to academic excellence, groundbreaking discoveries and creations, and a culture that prizes community, diversity, and opportunity.

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Work/Life at Iowa

The University of Iowa recognizes the important relationship between productive careers and quality personal lives. Find resources designed to assist you to successfully build a career and build a life.

A Reputation for Excellence

Iowa is known around the world for its commitment to excellence in the arts, sciences, and humanities. Its faculty, staff, and students have pioneered fields such as educational testing and speech pathology, sent UI-built instruments on virtually every mission in NASA history, and traced the genetic origins of countless human diseases. Its 12 colleges are home to scholars dedicated to bridging disciplines and reinventing higher education.

Iowa’s size, structure, and culture foster interaction among scholars at all levels, with advanced programs surrounding and shaping a vital liberal arts core. Strong graduate and professional programs enrich the undergraduate experience while providing unparalleled opportunities for students who want to take their education further.

Alongside education and discovery, Iowa is known for a world-class academic medical center, commitment to statewide service, and its role as an economic engine for the state of Iowa. The university has launched new programs that lend support and expertise to businesses across the state, and a pervasive spirit of entrepreneurship guides student start-ups, new enterprises built on faculty discoveries, and other innovations.

A Proud History

First in the State

Iowa’s first public university (established 1850)

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First in the U.S.

Nation’s first public university to admit men and women on an equal basis

First in the World

A pioneer in fields ranging from educational television to cochlear implants.

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Learn more about the University of Iowa on Iowa Now: the official, one-stop source for University of Iowa news for faculty, staff, and students on campus.

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